Look: We've spent about 6 of our special times making our own valentines. C is going to sned them to our family and her usual playdate buddies. She had a big part coloring the pieces, playing with stamps and loving the circle cut out machine. When we put them together she took teeny, tiny hearts and stuck them to the tape strips.

Learn: Some of the activities that are the most fun are the ones that incorporate one of my hobbies. I knew this would take a few days, but I learned to get her coloring whenever I could..especially a big project like V-day! Also a big thing I learned is that my scrapbooking stuff is invaluable for making prizes. I gave C a circle I cut from the newspaper and she acted like it was a trophy for most of the day.
Love: She was so proud of each step. She took interest in everything from the shapes and colors to the stickiness of the tape. I love how observant she is. Hope the recipients love their cards!

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