Sticker Fun

Look: We are always getting stickers in the mail from charities. Sometimes they are return address stickers or different stickers for envelopes. So today we used some of them up on a bit of a craft. I handed them one by one to C. She had to ask for them each time saying..more stickers please. I usually got either more stickers or more please, but it was worth a try. She enjoyed sticking and resticking them and was very proud of her final product.

Learn: In just the course of the few minutes it took to do this she learned that once the stickers were really down she could get them back up. At first she asked, but then she caught on. She also put one on each hand (learned that at Gymboree from stamp time) and put one on her jammies.

Love: I love this was a free craft. Usually I just recycle those stickers with the rest of the junk mail, but this time we got good use out of them. We get tons, so no need to save yours for us. It was fun!

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