Toys R us

Look: Because we got so many new toys for Xmas, we played

toy stroe today. First C put on her hat, got her purse and we pretended to drive using her Elmo steering wheel. When we got to the store (aka our family room) C purused the aisles and was very deliberate about what she put in her cart. Then we pretended to scan everything with a noise maker, I gave her a total on the magna doodle and she paid me in high fives. After bagging the items she put them back in the cart. When G and Daddy came down, C gave her brother a toy without paying for it. But I let her shoplifting slide. We had fun, but C didn't want to put the toys back to start over. She prefered shopping until everything was mostly gone, which meant she had tons of bags. Lets hope she isn't like that as a teenager.

Learn: I learned that my family room can become just about anything and that with prompting C can get very into it. I also saw how much she loves little G man!

Love: Pretend is so fun, the child is really just emulating what they see you do, so its like looking in a mirror a bit.

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