After Naptime

Look: C and G both took 2 hour naps today. It was a slice of heaven. I heard G wake up first, went in changed his diaper and then we heard C. When I went in she said "in, in, in" and pointed at her mattress. There were tons of binkies there and I thought she was trying to tell me something about them. But then she pointed to G, said "in" and then pointed into her crib. I got the point. The two of them played so nicely while sitting in C's crib. First they took turns hugging the bears, then C kept trying to put G's binky in his mouth. Then they laid down on her new pillow. I didn't do a thing for this activity, I just watched!
Learn: C is so good with babies. I feel so fortune to have such an awesome daughter and son. Although I still keep a close watch when they are playing together, it feels so good that I know they genuinely like one another.
Love: I loved watching the interaction. Gavin watches Chelsea with such a great amount of admiration.

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