Look: I got a really neat popcorn popper for Xmas. So this Sunday it was time to try it out. I loaded in the kernels...then C and I waited. After just a few minutes the popping started and beautiful white popcorn started bubbling over into the bowl. I was really excited, but you should have seen C, she screamed and pointed and yelled pop. She loved eating it and asked her Daddy for bowl after bowl full.
Learn: I actually watched the lightbulb go off in my daughters head. I had been talking about the popcorn, she has a song about popcorn, she has seen it in a book...but until it started coming out, she was clueless. Then BLAMMO "popcorn". It was thrilling to watch.
Love: I love my new popcorn machine and that I can make milk free (meaning butter free) popcorn for my kids anytime I want!

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