TP Necklace

Look: Today I cut up a few cardboard toilet paper holders into rings. Then I got a big pretty piece of ribbon. C took her time putting one ring on at a time. At first she found it sort of hard, so I held the ribbon for her. After watching me do this, she wanted to do it herself. So she held the ribbon with one hand and put the ring on top, then grabbed the ribbon and pulled it through. She has been wearing the necklace for most of the day.

Learn: Lacing is a good skill to work on. I wasn't sure how to try it with her until I saw this craft in my library book. Because the rings were big she was successful, which is a great way to introduce a new skill. I'll definitely use this idea for a toddler playdate, but maybe color or decorate first.

Love: The necklace turned out great and will go into our dress up cabinet. I love watching C's skills grow right in front of me. Its neat to see her little mind work!

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