All the toys are mine

Look: When C takes a nap, its a rare opportunity for G to take over all the toys. He usually spends most of the play time getting toys handed to him and taken away from him. So when nap time hits I put buckets in front of him and let him pick. He gets as many toys as he can fit in his chubby little hands.
Learn: G is starting to understand the idea if he does something there is a reaction. He was shaking a block and it would make a sound, when he'd stop so would the noise. He got the hang of it and smiled a bit like he understood.
Love: Its so nice to sit and play with G. He loves just about everything, so its not hard to find something that will please him. I like our alone time so I can figure out just what things are his favorite. Today it was a teether butterfly...he literally shook when he'd see it!

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