Donut Date

Look: Chelsea has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For at least one of those mornings I get to take Gavin out for a banned allergic food.  Yesterday it was donuts and milk.  We've had a bit of a rough week and this was just what I needed.  Sitting with him for the 20 minutes it took him to demolish a donut was a real treat.  I decided at this second breakfast that I needed to get back into blogging about the awesome things about my kids.  

Learn: How could something that cost so little (like a donut) be such good therapy...one word...kids.  They are a breath of fresh air when you stop and take the time to enjoy them.  I find myself rushing around, getting things done and sometimes not realizing how very lucky I am.  Watching Gavin bounce his little legs in anticipation of the the next bite or sip made me realize living in the moment is best. We spent the snack time talking about what a big boy he is.  He told me all about Iron Man and all the things he could do now (I know those two aren't related topics, but have you ever chatted with a two year old?)  He wasn't thinking about all the tasks he had that day.  He wasn't making a mental to do list.  He wasn't dwelling on the fight he had with his sister.  He was enjoying a glazed donut...simple, eh?

Love: What I loved about this snack break was this it helped me get some perspective that has been missing.  If I don't take time to stop and smell the donuts (metaphorically speaking...donuts aren't my thing) then I can miss so much.  Hope you have a happy Friday and that you get a chance to slow down today at some point!

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