From Inmates to PlaydatesWhat I learned Wednesday.  Love this idea of gathering and sharing ten things that I learned this week.  So, you ask...what did I learn?

1. Making barrettes for C is much cheaper than buying them and so much fun!

2. "Eating what stands on one leg (mushrooms and plant foods) is better than eating what stands on two legs (fowl), which is better than eating what stands on four legs (cows, pigs and other mammals)."  Chinese proverb from  Michael Pollan's book Food Rules

3. WIWW (What I wore Wednesday) is about keeping moms out of sweats and tees.  It's inspiring to try to look nice because you post the pics.  I'm going to try this one for next Wednesday.

4. Jungle Book is an excellent movie.  We've been singing the songs from it all week.
5. A few warmer weather days made me miss spring, but also was just what I needed to get through the winter.
6. My kids could bounce forever.  Wish I could make one room a bounce room and send them in there whenever I need a break.

7.When you grind the beans yourself, coffee tastes better.  (Thanks for making my coffee everyday, Chris!)

8.Brits use the word "bangers" for the female chest.  I'm adopting this word and using it...it's my favorite new word.

9. Persistence pays off.  My daughter ate 2 types of vegetables this week and now asks for them.  Must keep up the progress.

10. Sleepy time tea actually puts me to sleep.

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The Darling Girlfriends said...

I love Michael Pollan's Food Rules book. It has changed my out look on the way eat. I am still working on getting the family to eat more veggies than meat but at least the processed foods are out.

I like the idea of WIWW, looking forward to the post. I may just have to join in the future.

And now I have a new word for boobs, I have recently heard them referred to as ta-ta's(one I've heard before), ferrets(yeah it was new to me too) and now bangers. I do think bangers is my favorite.