Fitness Friday...Mental Health

Saturday 4 miles
Sunday 3 miles
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 4 walk
Wednesday 2 miles
Thursday 2 miles 
Friday 0 miles

Total Last week 20 miles
Total this week  19 miles 
Total in 2011 99 miles this year
Yippee...so close to 100.  Maybe tomorrow!
This week my husband's sweet grandmother passed away.  It has been a sad week.  She has been on my mind all week during my walks, and daily activities.  So that got me thinking about how much stuff I really work through mentally and process on my walks.  Walking has been good to me physically, but what about mentally?
Truth be told, I get more out of walking than I ever imagined.  It seemed like a fun goal to make.  Yet over the past few weeks, I've worked through some heavy stuff that has been on my mind.  If I leave the house for my walk with a problem, I come back with some solutions.  If I leave not really thinking about much, I come back with menu plans or great ideas of things for my family.  And to put this in perspective to our week...If I leave the house saddened by Grandma's passing, I come back realizing how lucky I was to have her.

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