Monday Meal Plan and Makeover

This weeks meal plan  

Monday: Mushroom soup and homemade wheat bread
mushrooms, onions, water, spices
Tuesday: Chicken Chopped Salad
cooked organic chicken with a mess a veggies and homemade chinese honey mustard dressing
Wednesday: Pasta with sauce
Wheat pasta and homemade tomato sauce (tomato, garlic, onion, spices)
Thursday: Beef Stew
Grass fed beef, water, veg ( turnip, carrots, celery and sweet potato)
flour to thicken
Friday: Homemade pizza dough and sauce
dough: flour, water and yeast  sauce:tomato and spices
Saturday:Vday dinner out!

Sunday: Soup and dip night
Organic vegetable stock with noodles, vegetables and beans.
Homemade fries and veggies to dip into homemade bean dip and guac.

Just finished reading Food Rules by Michael Pollan.  Loved it. The basic principal is eating more simply.  Try foods with the least ingredients, foods from nature in their simplest form...sounds easy. Then I looked in my cupboard....yikes.  Why do so many foods that should contain just a few things, have tons of ingredients? The author explains that eating this way will make you feel loads better.  I already feel great about all my walking, so why shouldn't my eating follow suit.  Going to dip my big toe into trying recipes that have little or no processed foods in them.  For myself I'm trying for every meal.  With the family I am just changing dinner.  This week I came up with this  set of meals.  I am hoping just a few weeks and I'll be hooked.

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