What's for Lunch Wednesday

This is one of my first  tries at "bento" like meals.  I  completely flipped over the idea of making adorable meals to go.   Because we bring most meals with us for Chelsea because of her food allergies, this was a fantastic idea.   Her brother is now able to eat off the menus, so I really needed something to make her feel special on our outings.  Of course I'll make them both lunches or dinners when we're not going to restaurants, but what could be better than a pretty little meal, for my princess? 

When I first saw the www.bentolunch.net.thanks to my blog stalking /www.musingsofahousewife.com, I spent hours searching through all the contributions of her readers.  Seriously every time I could slip away from the kids for a minute I'd look at new ones.  Then I got a few books from my library.  They had even more adorable bentos and recipes for how to make them.   It is such fun to see the kids face light up when they open them.  But I do have to be honest...I do get a bit more peeved when they barely eat.  I will have to overcome that one :)

These are crayola sandwich shaped plastic boxes.  I made two pita sandwiches for each child shaped as fish and butterflies.  They have tofutti filling.  There are cooked lima beans, raw chopped carrots and a hunk of banana bread.  I put some pretzel sticks to line the bottom of the container.  If I had been more creative I could have used the pretzels for a fence of some sort and done doggy sandwiches...maybe next time.

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