Food Friday: Turkey Day ...Smashed Potatoes

I have amazing memories of Thanksgiving with my parents.  Really wonderful meals...always served on our best china while wearing our finest Thanksgiving clothes, if you knew my mother this makes sense.  My mom would wake up very early to begin.  By the time 7 am rolled around there was already a bird in the oven and most sides were well under way and a beautifully set table.  It became a tradition, once I was 21, to party like rock stars the night before the big day with my cousins, family and friends.  Even on those morning my mother would bust into my room no later than 5 or 6 to ask for help getting everything done.  I never understood why we had to get ready sooooooooo early.  Why couldn't we start around noonish to prep?

For several years after my parents passed away I sort of refused to celebrate Thanksgiving or any other holiday for that matter.  In fact, though I'd celebrate with friends here and there, it wasn't until a year or two after meeting Chris that I started back up with Thanksgiving.  So truly for the better part of 30 plus years I didn't understand what went into the meal....then I had to host one...YIKES!  I've been "doing" thanksgiving again for a few years now.  I want a good end product, but want to spend most of the day with my family.  I love the traditions of parades, sports and relaxing.  So I thought for my Food Fridays in November I'd talk about how I make my Thanksgiving super duper unbelievably easy and mostly in crockpots.  One dish a week or so.  Here is how I do Turkey Day now...gobble, gobble!

Smashed Potatoes: To make the old favorite less time consuming, I found out that Yukon Gold potatoes don't need to be peeled (thank you Food Network).  I clean them well the a day or two before. When turkey day arrives, I just plop them in the crockpot and bake em.  After a few hours I get in there and smash them.  When they are mostly smashed I add our version of butter and sour cream, along with a healthy dose of salt and pepper.  I repeat smashing and a taste test about 30 minutes before dinner.  If they need more seasoning, I go all Emeril on them. If they are dry, I add plain soy milk or chicken broth.  Chris's family has said they enjoy the potatoes every year.  Hopefully they aren't just being kind :))  EASY, isn't it?

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