Crafting from Nature

Look: Yesterday I took the best walk.  My husband had a flex day on Monday,  so he did breakfast with the kids and I went for a walk.  Usually I have to get up at 5:30 or 6:00 to sneak in my walks because he needs to be out the door before 8.  So this was a very special treat.  My neighborhood is the picture of fall right now.  I was walking and found two huge gorgeous yellow leaves.  They were thick and sort of leathery.  I was thinking how much the kids would like to see these, so I  decided to carry them with me.  For the rest of the walk, I kept noticing vibrant trees and continued to gather leaves.  By the time I reached my home I decided I would make leaf place mats with the kids

Learn: I learned after my last and only running injury that walking is awesome.  Seriously, I may sound geeky yet again...but I never dread walking, I enjoy every minute of it and after it is finished, I'm always glad I did it.  It is the kind of sport I can do in any weather too.  Also I found out the kids enjoyed sorting and playing with the leaves. It was sort of educational for Gav with his colors.  Chelsea began asking what kind of trees had these leaves.  It was at this point I learned that I don't know any tree names.  Is there an app for that?
 We used contact paper to make these easy to wipe clean.  I think it will be neat to use these at Thanksgiving as centerpieces.

Love: I love going for walks when it isn't dark out.  The chilly weather was perfect for a brisk walk.   It was even better that I found free stuff for an simple craft.  The kids loving doing crafts and this will be one they can enjoy for many meals this month.

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