Food Friday: Turkey Day Easy....stuffing

Stuffing:  For years I peeled, chopped and diced all the ingredients for my mother's stuffing.  Apples, onions, celery,  and carrots.  So for the festive occasion of Thanksgiving I give thanks to whoever invented the conveniently already done frozen or fresh versions of these ingredients.  I buy celery that is already in short sticks and baby carrots.  These take mere minutes to chop as compared to peeling those larger carrots and pulling and disecting celery.  I buy apples slices (I know this is not economical, but hey I'm supposed to be having family time...oh ya this happens for my apple crisp too.  I just won't shop for a month). So then I let my progressive onion chopper go to town on the apples and onions.  This year I discovered already diced onions...if they are there when I am shopping for Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for those too.  I get out a bit of aggression and end up with a nice dice.  I throw all this in the crockpot with cooked  loose sausage, bread cubes, seasonings and broth. I used to saute the veggies first, but I haven't seen much flavor difference.  In fact when the veggies are in the crockpot they really season the stuffing as they cook.  Every few hours I check, add liquid, season etc.  About an hour before dinner I add some pats of butter to melt into the concoction.  This tastes exactly like the stuffing my moms made...or at least it does in my memory.  Been way too long, but I am very happy with this product.

Did I mention that the crockpot keeps everything the perfect temperature too?  Seriously I can not worry if someone is coming later, because I know everything will be just right still.  It's also great because if we eat an early meal and do turkey day lunch, it's still hot and delicious at dinner.

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