Meal Planning Monday

We have a busy, busy week...so meal planning is on the agenda today.  My two little cherubs decided to come down with a nasty cold yesterday, so it was mostly toast and juice all day...boring.  Looking forward to the fun week ahead.  There is a bit of a theme with my plans as they all use some sort of kitchen appliance.  I've put them in bold so you can really see how crazy I am for my kitchen tools!!!

Monday :  Breakfast for dinner:  Making pancake popovers and bacon with a nice fruit salad.  I may even attempt milk free hot chocolate as an extra treat for my little sickies.  I was putting away my perfect brownie pan (yes I am addicted to gimmicky kitchen items) and saw my popover pancake puff pan that hasn't been used in a  few months.  I like to fill mine with jelly and pretend I'm eating DD jelly donuts.

Tuesday:  Paninis:  We have english muffins, pitas and wheat bread...so we'll each pick our fillings and make paninis.  Hopefully there will be left over bacon, yum!  I of course don't do paninis the old fashion way with a brick, I bought the panini maker.  I will most likely grill up some vegetables on it before we do our sandwiches.  I love putting the veggies in my sandwich and it flavors up the grill.

Wednesday:  Crockpotting it:  My husband has a class and won't be home for dinner.  So I'm going to make a delicious soup just for me.  I'll fish out the main things (chicken, beans, noodles, vegetables) for them and add fresh herbs for me.  Yum.  Again the kitchen appliance here is the crockpot.  I can't live without my crockpot.  I love throwing stuff in and letting it cook.  There is no prep at the witching hour when my kids are crazy...dinner is already ready.

Thursday: I'm going out, wahoo....Girls Night shopping.  So I am going to leave bento boxes for my husband and children.  I always use tupperware...but I recently started following how these amazing moms make yummy meals in boxes.  This will make it easy because if the kids are getting stir crazy, Chris can take them to the mall or a playground for dinner out!

Friday:  We have a sitter for Friday night.  I'll have to pinch myself...two nights out in a row is a rare treat.  My niece is the best sitter around (so is her sister).  I'll put homemade pizza dough into our bread maker so it is done in time for dinner.  The kids will have a ball rolling it out, using cookie cutters to make shapes and adding sauce.  Such a fun easy dinner and I even get to sneak in flax seed in the crust.  Then I add extra veggies in the sauce when I use my food processor to liquefy my tomatoes.

Saturday:  Probably do a "fake out, take out" this night. I stole that term from rachel ray and it just means making your favorite take out at home where you can be more cautiou and budget friendly with ingredients.   I'll use my wok (sorry no pic) to whip up some Chinese.  First we'll have wonton soup, then sweet and sour chicken stirfry.  The kids don't go for the strong flavors so it will be leftovers for them. The hubs and I will most likely eat after bedtime.  Add a fire in the fireplace and a great show and it's a date night at home.

Sunday: Chris's Chili.  Chris took years perfecting his homemade chili recipe.  A few weeks back I used my vidalia wizard chopper to chop all the vegetables for his recipe.  We bought peppers, tomatoes and onions from the farmers market.  Thinking ahead, I doubled the amount and froze half in my tupperware freezer mates.  So I'll throw those into my handy, dandy crockpot along with ground beef, a bit of beer, tomato paste and some secret ingredients...Shhhh!  And we'll eat it all day long....mmmmmm.

There are a few of my trusty appliances that were not mentioned and are probably feeling left out.  I'd like to thank my popcorn maker, my blender and my kitchen aid for their loyalty and ability to make my life oh so much easier.

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