Look:: This year we've enjoyed numerous wonderful mornings at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  If you are ever visiting with children, this is the place to go!  We got a membership for the year and have used it so many times I can't count them all.  On this day we were celebrating Spring Break with my teacher friends.  We played in the grocery store, pretended to eat at McDonalds, rode the carousel and much more.
Learn::  Looking at these photos and recalling all my time spent with Sue and Em, I realize how much our relationships have changed (in a good way!).  When I met Emily and Susan seven years ago our common bond was being new teachers in the Wissahickon School District.  Then we grew to be good friends because of loving teaching.  Oddly enough we all bought homes within miles of each other and proximity made it even easier to be friends.   After being friends for many years now it's moved on to enjoying time together with the kids too.  It's such fun that our friendships have grown and changed since meeting at Stony Creek.
Love:: I loved Jack and Bruce the first moment I met them and even more when I held them.  But that doesn't compare to getting to know their little personalities too.  It's such fun to see smiles, laughs and even sad times  ( I think we had a bit of each at the PTM that day!).  Hoping the summer provides a few more great chances to spend with all of our friends.

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