Nature Hikes

Look:: It's summer now and around here that means lots of outdoor time without all the bundling up gear. We live in the most beautiful state, Pennsylvania.  Near our home we have some spectacular natural areas free for roaming.  When we visit the poconos there are even more awesome places to hike and trek with the kids.  A perfect day to me is heading out in the morning not knowing what fun "adventures" we'll encounter out in nature.
Learn::  On this day the kids got to see and touch a salamander while playing in the water....cool.  Gavin fell in the water and then it became fun for the kids to see how wet they could get.  I stopped carrying around extra clothes because my kids are trained...but what I learned is to always leave a set of scruffy clothes in the car for when we get wet or muddy or both on our treks.
Love::  This day reminded me that kids need very little to be happy.  Everyone was entertained by some water, some rocks and a cool salamander!

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