Look: I've been wanting to fill our water table with rice or Cheerios for a while now.  I finally bought a super box of Cheerios and did it with the warmer weather this week.  The kids have spent hours this week pouring the cheerios into different containers using cups, spoons and shovels.  It seemed to be endless fun.
Learn: Cheerios was the way to go! As you can see from the second picture our dog, Millie, spent the hours circling the water table like a shark looking for a lonely swimmer.  If I had picked rice I know she would have still eaten it and who knows if that is safe.  Also I wondered if this could be an indoor activity.  The answer is no!  With the ages my kids are there was lots of spillage and this would have been a mess (although I am sure Millie would have been on hand to clean it up!)
Love: I loved, loved, loved doing this.  I think in a day or two there will be no more cheerios and we'll have to start again another time, but I will certainly do this over and over!

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