Long Time No Blog

It's been months, about 6 to be more accurate.  The spring came and went and no blogging.  The kids and I did tons of fun stuff.  We took our first two real family vacations (hotel and siteseeing).  We entered the world of play dough, legos, trains, finger painting, and seeing a movie in the theater.  Add in a bunch of great playdates, playgroups and story times, we've been a busy family.

Just this weekend I was laying in bed before falling asleep thinking about all the fun things I want to do with the kids.  That is when it popped in my head that I need to pick back up with my blogging. I said as soon as I get home I'll start again.  Well add a busy Monday and here I am. So I'm back, at least a couple times a week...but I wanted to add.  This blog is all about taking time to stop and enjoy the kids.  It's also about documenting it so that I am responsible for making more efforts to create great experiences with my kids.  The thing I wanted to add, was that I wanted to add special things I do for my husband and for myself.  So bear with me as I add and create a new facet to my rantings (I mean blogging)!

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