Shoe Store

Look: Cleaning the floor of my closet was on my to do list.  Somehow with all the hecticness of the holidays, my closet was a mess.  With it clean the kids oh'd and ah'd over the space.  Then as we were playing one day in my room, Chelsea asked Gavin to "Come into the shoe store" and blammo a game was born.  I think she got the idea from when we went to the please touch museum and they had one too.  They played for a while pulling out shoes, trying them on and Mommy putting them back.
Learn: Everyone knows that kids love the wrapping paper more than the gift sometimes.  But I just didn't stretch my mind to think of how this applies to other things.  In this case I thought they'd like hiding in the closet or reading book in the corner or making it a little cave, but nope a little cleaning up and they see a shoe store.
Love: I love the way their little minds work.  On this day they really played nicely in the shoe store too!

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