Oatmeal in the helping tower

Look:  C's changing table has been busted for months.  We do diaper changes on the floor and have been using it for storage.  I've had the idea that it could turn into a "helping tower" with a little help from my handy husband.  So this weekend (after seeing a friend post their own helping tower pics) Chris turned our changing table into a helping tower.  Now we pull it up to the counter and the kids can both help cook without teetering on a chair.  It's very sturdy...thanks to Chris.  On this day we made oatmeal for breakfast.  The kids stirred their packets with silk and then put in the fun stuff...cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and chocolate chips.
Learn:  This tower is starting to change the meals I am planning, I want to include the kids whenever I can now!
Love: I love the chocolate covered mouths, they are happy, full mouths too!

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