Look: Sunday was grocery shopping day. We did the bulk of our shopping for the month. The fun part was that Chris and I used 2 carts and each drove one of the kids around. C loves holding the list and talking pretty much non stop around the store. This was the first time G has been in the cart. He prefered chilling out and leaning way back in the seat. When we got outside it was beautiful. So after unloading the groceries I put both kids in one cart and rode around with them.
Learn: We are really a family of four.
Of course I knew this, but with every "first" for Gavin, it becomes more evident and real. Grocery shopping, although still not my favorite thing to do, was a bit more fun with two grocery carts and two small kids. I've been learning that buying on a monthly basis and planning our meals out is not only more economical, its easier every day when it comes time to eat dinner.
Love: I love that as G grows my kids become more and more alike. At first the 14th month difference is age was so obvious. But as they grow, although there will be differences, they are going to have so much more in common.

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