Our wagon

Look: It is definitely time to get out of the house. After both kids being sick back to back, I was itching to get out. Today was another first for our little Gavin. We bought this wagon last year for C's 1st birthday. G was still two months from making his arrival. So for the spring, summer and fall Chelsea was the rider of the wagon. Now that our little guy is sitting on his own and even trying to crawl, it's time for his first ride.
Learn: Now that G is getting bigger we can take him out in mostly any type of weather. As an infant I worried with both kids about cold temps, heat waves and rain. But today I learned that I should gear them up for any type of weather and take em out! We'll be like the postal service and go out in any type of weather!
Love: I loved, loved, loved going out with the kids today. They are so cute and it was nice to just have some fresh air in our faces. Outdoors is such an important part of my childrens' development. So today gave me the confidence to brave the weather more.

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