Park with Baby Jack!

Look: I'll be honest, I forget which day this was...but I know it was warm and wonderful out. We planned to meet our friend Emily and her new son Jack for a walk. There was an awesome park right near their home. We pushed the kids to the park then let Chelsea play on the slides. After a bit we pushed Gavina and Chelsea on the swings. All the time Jack was sleeping and soaking up the fresh air (how cute is he!!!!).

Learn: One thing I learned was that my friend Em is an a terrific Mommy. She is a complete natural and has taken to motherhood like a champion. And even though I had no doubt she and her hubby would be stellar paretns, it is truly wonderful to see. Chelsea loves Emily and she is one of the only adults that Chelsea will accept help from and speak to right away.
Love: I love park days as you know. I also love that as Jack grows we'll have more and more of these types of days! Yippee!

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