Indoor Egg Hunt

Look: We were stuck inside for the most of the week with runny noses and colds. So we used our plastic eggs to hide snacks. At first C wasn't too into this game, she wanted her food and didn't feel like looking for the eggs to get it! But the second time we played and every time after, she really enjoyed them. G was able to find a few along the way too!
Learn: I didn't learn much, just that I would like to make this a tradition in the spring and time before Easter. Whoever invented the plastic egg is a hero in my eyes!
Love: The best part of hiding and finding snacks was the sheer excitement in my kids eyes. When G would catch a glimpse of one from across the room you could see it on his face. He'd crawl as fast as he can in hopes that his sister didn't see it first. When he'd lay his fat little hands on the plastic egg it was complete joy that shone on his face. His mouth would open in shock and he eyes grew wide. He'd give the little egg a shake, shake and yell "ahhh". C. was just as excited, especially when I changed up the goods in the eggs. Her favorite was finding stickers in them!

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