Birthday with friends

Look: We had a little playground birthday party in the park! I can't believe its been two years since Chelsea came into our lives. All the kids had a nice time running all over the playgrounds. Chelsea especially liked following Kyle around (he's Sydney's big brother). Gavin, as usual, loved the swings. When it was time to sing all the parents and kids came under the pavilion. Chelsea belted out (almost) every word of Happy Birthday. We ate some mini wacky cake cupcakes. It was definitely the perfect little party for my 2 year old!
Learn: I knew this before but the simpler the better when it comes to kids. I was hoping to host at my home, but C had teeth coming in and was a mess. Moving it to the playground made it easier!
Love: I may have already said this but I love this playgroup. It is a really nice group of kids and Moms. I feel blessed to have met them all.

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