Look: I threw a blanket over the baby gate and voila...a puppet show. I did a bunch of different songs and routines for them. Gavin could be heard squealing from behind the curtain. Chelsea kept talking to the puppets and trying to hug them. When I stopped, C asked to try it. So I put her on the other side and she imitated most of what I did. G was thrilled by this show too.
Learn: I didn't realize how many puppets we had around the house. I had 3 scrubby bath mitts that were actually puppets. As shower gifts I had gotten some cute finger puppets on the presents. Add these to our Elmo and Dog puppet and we had quite a show.
Love: Each time I stopped Gavin would squeal and Chelsea would yell more. What a great feeling that I was doing something so fun they were clamoring for it never to end.

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