Finger Painting

Look: I've been avoiding this activity because of the mess. We've used a lot of mess free alternatives to this but I finally had to try it with C and G. So after dinner and before baths I put their smocks on and covered their hands in paint...willingly, yikes!
Learn: G didn't really understand what was going on. He would touch his paper now and then, but didn't get as into it as I had suspected he would. I had help him by showing him how to run his finger through his work. C loved doing this and went through two pages (both of which were soaked through with her paint). Clean up was a snap since our new art room, by that I mean laundry room, has a sink. Bath time was next but most of the paint was gone by then!
Love: Next time G is asleep or when I want a special activity just for my girl...this is what we'll do.

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