Some weeks I do pretty well fancifying myself.  Those are the times I feel pretty good about this package I call me.  Anything I can do to contribute to me feeling great is well worth the effort.  Especially if it is as fun as putting together clothes.  What is making it more fun is all the people I see at The Pleated Poppy.  They take fancify to a whole new level.  I'm taking baby steps, but soon you may just wonder who is that fashionista?
Pants:: Eddie Bauer  Tank and Necklace:: Target  Cardi:: Old Navy
 Shoes:: Born from Nordstrom Rack
(While making pancakes)
Apron:: TJ Maxx
Trying to replicate something similar for a present.
Jean skort:: (yes, there are shorts under it!) Kohls
Pink polo:: Old Navy
Shoes:: Keens...comfiest shoes I own.
My comment.  This outfit needs something to liven it up.  But I feel weird wearing scarves or lots of jewelry to the playground.  Ideas?

Most of the weekend I was at the lake wearing my lands end suits and cover ups...love Land's end.  You did not really expect me to put a bathing suit picture...did you?

Shorts:: Kohls
Necklace:: Old Navy


Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

I totally agree with you on how putting outfits together can make you feel just a little more ... you! Love the Friday outfit and I have the same problem on balancing what all to put together. Who wants to get fancy to go to Walmart?! LOL Looks like you did a great job to me :)

Leslie said...

Great outfits! Its hard to figure out what will go with what. I try not to over think an outfit. I love that first outfit and the jewelry you paired with it! On the third outfit my ideas would be, maybe you could put a fabric flower in your hair or a fabric flower necklace (I don't know if thats your style but its all I could think of at the moment =)).

I wish I had a lake close to me. I would be there non-stop

Jodi said...

Welcome to WIWW and thanks for the blog comment on my post!

momstheword said...

You look so cute! I love the green shirt in your last outfit and the necklace is fun and flirty!

I am just now starting to add a bit of jewelry. You'll see some on Wednesday (although no closeup pictures yet of it).

I have a friend that dresses up and wears jewelry every single day, even if she were going to a park or McDonalds. She is my hero, lol!